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Welcome to Animus Technologies

Animus Technologies is a network of I-T Professionals who excel in various fields like Cyber Security, Web Development, Open Source Technologies, Networking, Business Solutions, Robotics etc.
Knowledge is the backbone of very services being provided by us, and we see to it that it is our strength. We endure to deliver the best possible product in our domain.

About Animus Technologies

  • Swami Vivekanand once said:

    'If you give a vagabond a fish to eat, you make him dependent,
    But instead if you teach him how to catch fish,
    you make him self-dependent.'

    The world today is advancing in all spheres of life with an untamed pace. If we don’t keep up with it, then we will be left behind in the life's race. We often say that children are the future of our country and in their grooming lies the key to build a successful nation.

    With this objective in our minds, we at Animus have dedicated ourselves to facilitate the youngsters of our country by providing them with sound knowledge and skills of the subjects and topics which are though not a part of their curriculum but are essential & important in their day to day life.

    Life, today can be divided into two categories-one our physical life and second is our cyber life. It is an irrefutable fact that cyber crimes are becoming more heinous, hideous and graver than those occurring in our real time world.

    To lead a safe and sound life and be out of the harm way we must know how to protect ourselves. With this simple objective in mind and following the old age saying that “prevention is better than cure”. Animus technologies impart the golden fruit, i.e. knowledge to all.

    We envision making one capable enough to prevent himself from the darkness of the cyber world and be an expert of the cyber nuance and ethics.

Latest News

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  • 15th Feb, 2010 : We are now registered as a society. We will work for increasing the awareness about various open source softwares available. Know More>

  • 25th Mar, 2011 : Animus Techologies organised workshop at Dr. K> >

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