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Using Open Source Technologies can be very cost efficient for small & medium sized Enterprises. We emphasize on the use of Open Source Solutions.
We have a dedicated team to provide support for Free & Open Source Applications. We also provide training in Open Source Technologies.

What is Open Source Software?

  • Free to use & modify...

    Open source software is software for which the underlying code has been made available for users. Users are then able to read it or change it as they wish.

    Linux OS is an example of open source software. In lay man's language, we can say that an open source software is available for free use under an agreement called GNU Genral Public License(GPL). Besides using the open source software for free, you can also modify it as per your need.

    Various organisations have dedicated themselves to the use of Open Source Softwares. The most significant benefit of using Open Source Software is that it reduces cost of a system.

    We provide support and training for using Open Source Software. Schools and colleges interested to use the Open Source operating systems like Ubuntu, etc. can contact us for the required support in the setup.

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Latest News

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