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Using Open Source Technologies can be very cost efficient for small & medium sized Enterprises. We emphasize on the use of Open Source Solutions.
We have a dedicated team to provide support for Free & Open Source Applications. We also provide training in Open Source Technologies.

Benefits of using Open Source S/W

  • The prime benefits are reduction in costs & security...

    Using Open Source Software can bring lots of benefits to your organisation. Some of them are as follows:

    -> Reduction in Cost: Open Source Operating systems are available for free. Thus you need not spend your precious money on buying Windows' license key.

    -> Virus Free: Linux is actually more secure than Windows due to its complicated file systems and permissions.

    -> Error Free: An open source software is often reviewed by many security experts, so the chances of a bug is almost negligible.

    -> No Backdoors: Since more than one highly experienced coders have a look at the source code of open source softwares, it becomes almost impossible for trojan writers to hide their code in the softwares' code.

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Latest News

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  • 15th Feb, 2010 : We are now registered as a society. We will work for increasing the awareness about various open source softwares available. Know More>

  • 25th Mar, 2011 : Animus Techologies organised workshop at Dr. K> >

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