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We organise workshops & training programmes in various domains like Cyber Security, Web Designing, Embedded Systems, Open Source, etc. These programme provide a deep insight into the topics covered & also give an edge to the participants over their counterparts.
All the participants are awarded with Animus Advantage Certification and are also provided with tool kits.

Cyber Security Workshop

  • Why do we need to learn Cyber Security?

    With the good, the evil automatically creeps in...

    Today, computers have become an important part of our life. We can find lots of material about almost everything on the internet. Although, this facility is a luxury to have but not all of us are aware of the evils associated with the use of internet.

    A person sitting hundreds & thousands of kilometres away can actually hack you system and steal away your important documents and other data. This stealing can be a huge loss to you and your organisation. Imagine, someone stealing away your internet banking usernames and passwords and uses them to transfer all your money into his account! How will you feel? The condition will be drastic for you. Every piece of information on your computer is precious to you. Even the stealing of one document can be a huge loss.

    The most interesting fact about this attack is that you will never come to know that someone is stealing your data, until you face some monetary damage.

    The only solution to prevent such damage is through the awareness about threats which you face online. Besides knowing the threats, you should also be aware of the precautions which you need to take while accessing the sensitive data.

    As a part of our awareness campaign, we conduct a workshop on Cyber Security.

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